Harriet Tubman
Abolitionists were people who were against slavery and did what they could to end, or abolish, it. Some spoke out about ending slavery; others published newspapers. "Station Masters" hid escaping slaves in their homes or barns. "Conductors" helped slaves get from one place to another. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made helping fugitives illegal. Many spent time in jail and paid huge fines for helping runaway slaves.

Read about some abolitionists and how they helped runaway slaves.

John Rankin
Link 1: The Rankin House (Historic Ripley, OH)
Link 2: Aboard the Underground Railroad: John Rankin House
Link 3: OHS : Places : Rankin House

John Fairfield
Link 1: The Underground Railroad @ National Geographic

John Parker
Link 1: The Parker House (Historic Ripley, OH)
Link 2: African American Registry: John P. Parker, abolitionist and inventor

Levi & Catherine Coffin
Link 1: Levi Coffin House – The “Grand Central Station” of the Underground Railroad

Johnathan Wright
Link 1: Footsteps to Freedom, 2001 > Day One > Springboro

William Still
Link 1: All Aboard the Underground Railroad: Life of William Still
Link 2: Underground Railroad - Garret - Still - Tubman

Harriet Tubman
Link 1: Pathways to Freedom | People
Link 2: All Aboard the Underground Railroad: Life of Harriet Tubman

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